Bachelorette Party ala 90s

One bachelorette+four acquaintance+two hours of non-stop hits from the 90s = a simple yet fun and memorable bachelorette party.

nike-butet-me, wearing pink veil made by gemmy's mom-om uba-gemmy

We’ve already got a sore throat and stomachache for singing so loud and laughing so hard. I think i better rest for now. Meanwhile, take a lok at a couple of screencaps from the karaoke screen below. See if you could guess who’s the artist and what’s the title of the clip.

clue: they're all actors now

clue: try "boyband"

clue: parody

clue: pesta rap

clue: the vocalist's surname means "semua" in sundanese

clue: just see her face

clue: read the subtitle


6 thoughts on “Bachelorette Party ala 90s


    1. Cool Colours
    2. Backstreet Boys
    3. Padhyangan Project, Nasib Anak Kost
    4. Sweet Martabak, Tididit
    5. Aaah, nyerah (padahal org Sunda)
    6. Elma Theana
    7. Exist, Gerimis Mengundang

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